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AI-powered Skill-based Future-of-Work platform for
Talent Intelligence & Experience

Internal talent mobility, Reimagined | External Talent engagement, Simplified

Discover Talent instantly using Liberwin’s Skill Scores & Work Worthiness Index™.
Liberwin smart-matches talent to new work opportunities, gigwork, and interest based
activities whilst powering your organization with real-time insights.

About Us

Who we are

We are a Future of Work (FoW) tech company, building new-age technology products and services for Enterprises, Open Talent Market (Gig Market) and Institutions. We enable Remote work, Distributed work, Digital work collaboration, Learning & Career navigation, Employee Engagement and Talent Mobility through our AI-powered SaaS-based FoW platform.

What we do

We enable Remote work, Distributed work, Digital work collaboration, Learning & Career navigation, Employee Engagement and Talent Mobility through our AI-powered SaaS-based FoW platform.

What we offer

Liberwin is our Future of Work Platform that powers enterprises to unleash internal and external talent for Projects, Internships, Innovation initiatives / Ideathons, Mentoring and Events ( Campus-hiring, Campaigns, Collaborative research) by taking Work to the right Talent through digital collaboration.

Liberwin simplifies talent discovery, mobility and engagement whilst powering organizations with real-time insights, enhanced employee productivity and experience. FoW platform smart-matches talent to new work opportunities, gig work, and interest based activities.

Liberwin liberates Talent to pursue the work of their choice leveraging the newly acquired skills and empowers them to build gig potential and new age career paths.

Enterprise Solutions

Future of Work Platform

Liberwin’s FoW Platform is a Cloud-native, AI-powered and Skill-based platform for
Enterprises to transform their work environment for the Future of Work,
by engaging employees differently, leveraging their new skills and
empowering them with the choice of work.


Ease of use
Mobile-first design
Easy to onboard



Increase Enterprise Agility

Enterprise agility is an organization’s ability to adapt to change and capability to respond faster, thereby creating better and more efficient ways to get their work done. With Liberwin’s Future-of-Work platform, enterprises can empower themselves to mobilize internal talent faster.

Work-Choice to Employees

Employees are learning at their own pace based on their interest aided by a plethora of online courses available on-demand. With Liberwin’s Future-of-Work platform, employers can publish the work and give employees the choice of work to use their newly learned skills.

Instant Reward & Feedback

Employees are motivated when they are rewarded instantly and are receiving instant feedback. This increases employee engagement and voluntary participation. With Liberwin’s Future-of-Work platform, rewards and feedback are provided instantly to employees for every work they deliver.

Talent Management Insights

Employees are fast paced in learning new skills and Enterprises may not always have insights to their employee capabilities. With Liberwin’s Future-of-Work platform, Enterprises gain real-time insights on talent demand-supply and are enabled to culturally transform themselves

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Respond to your customers faster with smart internal talent mobility

Your customers are demanding services faster than ever before. Your talent readiness can make or break new deals or in keeping the existing customers happy. Your speed of sourcing the right talent matters.

  • Know your talent strength to address customer demands with speed and certainty
  • Smart-deploy talent faster than ever before and stay ahead of the competition

Access and engage wider internal talent for work within hours

Your chances of getting the right talent increases when you reach out to the wider organization. Your millennial talent who are always online, and tend to possess emerging technology skills are keen to pursue interesting opportunities internally or externally.

  • Publish your work to the wider organization instantly and increase your chances of talent deployment
  • Speed up your talent deployment from days to hours

Let the platform Smart-match talent for you

To engage internal talent quickly for work, the selection process must be done faster and smarter as well. Traditional selection approaches such as the interview process take a lot of time and cost.

  • Drastically reduce time in talent selection using automated smart-match algorithms

Empower employees the freedom to choose work from anywhere-anytime

Your organizational silos should not stop your employees from picking up work across the organization. They may be able to contribute part-time to your cause without impacting their exisiting work commitments.

  • Smart-publish your work to the target pool with matching skills in the organization
  • Facilitate interested employees to apply instantly
  • Smart-match work with the best talent

Channelize opportunities for employees to work in their new skills or interests

Your employees are motivated and perform better when their work is aligned to their interest. Your employees are continuously seeking for opportunities to contribute and to apply their new skills. These skills will become valuable to you when they practice them.

  • Know your employee work interests and their newly acquired skills
  • Facilitate your employees to find their opportunities within
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Democratize world’s work and empower people to have freedom to choose work in pursuit of their passion and interests to live a meaningful life


To lead the transformation of global work environment and culture for the future, by way of democratizing work, creating an ecosystem of trust and transparency, enabling enterprises to digitize work and engage best matching talent on-demand and empowering professionals with freedom of work


Unleash global talent.
Promote diversity and inclusiveness.
Collaborate with trust and transparency.
Act fairly.
Sense of ownership.

Meet The


Ganesan Arulanandham

Co-founder, Product Management & Platform Architecture


Ashok Mithiran

Co-founder, Platform Development & Marketing


Sasikumar Sundararajan

Co-founder, Strategy & Operations



Mandeep Singh Sibia

Human Resources | Talent Management | Workforce Systems | Public Policy


Ashish Nene

Technology Entrepreneur | Industry 4.0 | Internet Of Things


Shreyans Solanki

Hr Leadership | Strategic Talent Management | Organizational Behaviour




Liberwin enables your organization and Talent to be future-ready and embrace the Future of Work.